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    It’s time to transform your gas operations.
    Providing greater flexibility, reliability, efficiency,
    and enhanced safety, Honeywell is evolving how gas flows.

Connect, Transform, Flow

Unlock the power of your data and boost operational efficiency with our next generation connected IoT technologies. Learn how you can remotely monitor your assets, collect and analytze critical data, and improve worker safety with Honeywell.

Honeywell Enterprise-Wide Gas Systems and Utility solutions

Increase Safety

Increase Safety

Gas solutions that keep workers safe and help Avoid the Unexpected

Boost Operational Efficiency

Boost Operational Efficiency

Next generation technologies that allow you to collect and analyze critical data in order to solve problems

Transform your operations

Transform your operations

Our connected technologies such as smart meters, next gen cellular networks, and cyber security transform how you operate.

How We Are Transforming Gas

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