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Complimentary Webcast | Capitalizing on the Internet of Things & the Data of Everything – December 5, 2017 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CST Data is the new natural resource and the confluence of data mining and data modeling techniques will unlock new ways to solve some of the most tasking challenges. It brings together the physical and digital worlds to enhance and inform operational and customer service decisions in real-time to help deliver capabilities to drive a safer, smarter and more reliable grid. Having more data takes us to predicting and knowing, transforming the data into useful insights. Data has become the new currency.

Join Honeywell Data & Analytics Leader Sakti Kunz for the Dec. 5th complimentary webcast, Capitalizing on the Internet of Things & the Data of Everything, to explore how today’s utilities can make sense of all the data generated by connected meters and sensors and how that smart grid data can be turned into opportunity and meaningful daily advantages.

Energy & Cost Savings with Honeywell Connected Thermostats Webinar Results from a study conducted by The Cadmus Group on connected thermostats Replay online click here

Business Allies – Case Study Webinar Utilities across North America share a significant pain point in delivering successful rebate programs: low customer awareness levels. This general lack of customer cognition often leads to smaller enrollment levels and lesser realized energy savings than the filing forecast predicated. In today’s fast‐paced world, connecting with hard to reach customers poses a substantial challenge, even if there’s a multitude of communication channels available for utilities to establish that connection. By tapping into a pre‐existing – but often underutilized – mechanism for growth, Dominion Virginia Power and Honeywell Smart Grid Solutions have overcome these obstacles to deliver measurable success across a variety of performance metrics for Dominion’s energy efficiency rebate programs offered to the utility’s residential and non‐residential customers. In the process, we have harnessed the power of over 700 small businesses across Virginia, helping them mobilize and grow their own companies. What’s the secret? Effective trade marketing. Replay online click here